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What is the difference between private lessons and private coaching?
Private lessons are offered for six 30 minute lessons and are reccomended for ages 7-13 yrs old. Coaching sessions are 45 minutes, and work just like lessons with your busy schedule to find the best times to work with you. Space lessons/coachings out on a weekly basis, or spread them out..
What is the right age for my child to start private voice coaching? I was told they are too young.
This is a good question and there is no right or wrong answer. We have worked with children as young as five. Some teachers think that private lessons are a bad idea because it could damage a young voice by putting them in a position where they have to sing for a period of time. Yet, we have found that it can be a great thing for a child to take lessons if they are truly interested in singing and if they are put with a teacher who implements skills to help them develop. Think about it: if your child can sing at home as well as in school, concerts, and musicals, why then couldn’t they take a 30-minute lesson to help them learn how to sing correctly and protect their voice when they are in other situations that exercise their voice in a more extreme way?
My child doesn’t have any music or any experience. Will you still work with him/her?
Yes! We love working with beginners. In most cases, they haven’t learned bad habits yet, so it’s easier for them to pick up and implement correct techniques. We have even seen six-year-olds grasp more advanced concepts than far older students. If your child doesn’t like any of the materials we have (which consist of thousands of songs and monologues), it is your responsibility to provide music and/or monologues for the lessons. However, it is a pretty rare thing for a child to not like anything that we have!
Do you only work with children?
Lamb Studios offers private lessons, coachings, talent evaluation assessments, and consultations for children, teenagers, and adults.
I have noticed that Lamb Studios has multiple instructors. Why is that?
Every acting/singing coach is different, and we want to match you with the instructor that best suits your or your child’s needs. Each instructor has a particular style and focus, from acting and character development to singing technique and musicality.
How much do private coachings cost?
Coaching costs vary by instructor. Visit the Lamb Studios Instructors Page for more information.
What is included in the cost of private coachings?
The service we provide is not just to allow your child to sing/act for 30/45 minutes and go home. We provide a comprehensive, progressive approach to creative development that we learned through all our years of being in the business. Unlike other teachers, we will provide your child (in most cases) with many new songs/monologues that we will teach them, and we will also lay down the piano part so they can practice at home.

Our staff is available, if you desire to discuss our thoughts and suggestions for the next step in your child’s creative development. We also provide counsel for upcoming auditions within the lesson time and advice from local to Broadway (because that is the range of our experience).

Finally, we give 110% to make sure your child feels great and excited about singing and/or acting. We understand that it can be a scary thing to try something new or work with someone new. We really want their 30/45 minutes with us to be a great, positive, affirming experience.
Do you offer college prep for my high school child who is auditioning for theater/vocal/musical theater programs around the country?
Yes! That’s one of our specialties. We have an extensive background in working with high school students on all phases of college prep, from picking the right material to practicing and preparing in a way that will present them in their “best light.”
Do you have any slots open?
Yes! Instructor availability is based on their current schedule, and we will work with you to find times/dates that work for your needs. Visit the Lamb Studios Instructors Page for instructor schedules and availability. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.
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