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What does a Talent Evaluation Assessment (TEA) with Lamb Studios include?
It starts with a 10-minute pre-evaluation meeting in our office with a Lamb Studios instructor, which then leads to a 30-40 minute evaluation/skills assessment of singing/acting abilities, followed by a 10-minute wrap-up. Within 72 hours of the TEA, a personalized talent evaluation/assessment from Lamb Studios will be emailed in PDF format. If you have any questions about the TEA, a 10-minute follow-up conversation by phone is included to answer any questions about the TEA and the recommendations provided.
How do Lamb Studios instructors know how to do a TEA?
Michael Lamb of Lamb Studios has developed a comprehensive system to evaluate talent that is based on years of extensive experience as a performer, educator, and implementor of programs and as president and CEO of Performing Arts Programs, Inc.
Will the TEA be score-based?
No. The TEA will use a variety of tools and perameters to measure skill sets and natural abilities.
In terms of suggestions and recommendations, would Lamb Studios provide ongoing advice?
Yes. Anyone who registers for a TEA from Lamb Studios will receive 15% off of all future consultation packages. Consults can be done over the telephone, through email, or in person.
How will this help me/my child?
Many who desire to develop as a performing artist run from show to show and/or program to program without a goal or clarity of what the next step is. A road map of things to work on, a TEA would be an unbiased, professional opinion of your/your child’s skills along with personalized suggestions and recommendations from Lamb Studios.
What are some other benefits of the TEA?
The TEA can be used as a tool for you to keep you/your child’s teacher(s) on track with the goals suggested.
What’s the first step and what happens after I register for the TEA?
The first step is to click the link below to register for the TEA. After you register, our office will contact you to set up the appointment and give you directions to our South Windsor, CT office. Please keep in mind that our office is closed on weekends and holidays. If you register after hours or over the weekend we will call you the following business day.
What do I/my child need to bring to the TEA?
If you are a singer, bring one or two songs with sheet music in your key or a CD with the background music to sing with. If you are an actor, bring your monologues. If you have no material, we will still be able to provide the TEA.
Is both singing and acting necessary, or can a TEA just be for one or the other?
Doing both is not required but is suggested to give you a complete TEA.
I am looking to figure out the next step for my five-year-old. Is that too young for the TEA?
No. Lamb Studios will provide TEAs for ages five through adult. Sign up today and take that next step!
How much does the TEA with Lamb Studios cost?
The TEA with Lamb Studios costs only $249.
Can I get a discount if I want a TEA for more than one child/adult?
Yes, please call our office if you are interested in more than one TEA.
Click here to register for a Talent Evaluation Assessment
Click here to register for a WebCam Talent Evaluation Assessment

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